Please read before purchasing

[Usage Guide] Please read before purchasing

We will take care of your purchase until it arrives. Please note the following. Please be sure to read it so that you can shop with confidence.

▼About the product

◇Sweetness of attaching buttons ◇Folding creases during transportation Extrusion of agent / paint ◇ Due to the characteristics of the product, there is a strong smell
◇Changes in fabrics, colors, and designs due to reproduction ◇Size differences ◇Color unevenness of resin and bead products (accessories, goods, etc.)
◇Distortion of the shaft of stud earrings (accessories)
[About washing]
Please use your own judgment and handle gently by washing your hands. We recommend that you avoid washing it with other clothes to prevent color transfer. Please be careful not to cause color transfer due to physical contact other than washing.
[About accessory products]
 When storing, avoid places exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures.
- If sweat, moisture, or sebum gets on the product, carefully wipe it with a dry, soft cloth to clean it. In particular, sweat and sebum may damage accessories due to the ingredients contained in them, so please wipe them off carefully.
・Be careful not to damage the product due to dropping or impact.
・Entering a bath, hot spring, or pool while wearing accessories may damage the product. (Excluding stainless steel products)
 If you do not use it for a long time, we recommend storing it in an airtight bag. Dullness due to oxidation is less likely to progress, and scratches caused by dust and accessories colliding with each other are prevented, making it last longer.
・Gold-coated products are coated with a thin film over brass or silver. As time passes and wear is repeated, the coating will peel off and the base material will become visible. When moisture, sebum, or sweat adheres, the coating will last longer by gently cleaning it with a dry, soft cloth and avoiding friction. Be careful not to use abrasive polishes, as the coating will come off. You can regain the luster by re-plating, but HELROUS does not accept it.
[About metal allergies]
For products that use metal, please be careful of metal allergies due to the characteristics of the material. We do not guarantee that allergy-free products will not cause allergies to everyone, as the causes of allergic reactions differ from person to person, even if the products are made of materials that do not cause allergies or are plated.
Please note that we cannot answer your question as it depends on the individual constitution, contact with the skin, adhesion of sweat and moisture, etc. Please check the material information and make your own judgment as to whether or not you can wear it. Also, if you have any skin abnormalities, stop using it immediately and consult a specialist. We do not accept returns for allergies.

▼About the product delivery period

・Normal product

Ships within 3-7 business days

Scheduled to be shipped within 7 to 14 business days

If you order other products together, we will ship them all together after the products arrive. Additional time may be required due to unforeseen circumstances such as holiday season, operational status, or customs stops.

▼Email after completing an order

We will automatically send you an email after you place your order. In addition, we will contact you only by e-mail about other important information. If you do not receive it, please check [Important] For customers who have not received an order confirmation email .
Most carrier emails (au/docomo/softbank) are rejected by the spam filter, so they cannot be used. We will not be held responsible for any failure to receive or confirm emails due to customer settings and environment.
Other inquiry methods: Please proceed from the icon at the bottom right of the official LINE.

▼ About delivery

・All items will be shipped with a tracking number.
・In order to provide the product at the lowest possible price, we will ship it in simple packaging in consideration of environmental issues. Shoes and accessories may not come with a box.
・In order to protect personal information, we do not enclose a delivery note as we are striving to go paperless. Please check by yourself when confirming your order.
・Contents may be checked at customs. At that time, there may be evidence of holes or openings in the bag, but please note that this is a phenomenon that can occur with all imported products.
・Due to overseas shipping, the packaging may collapse or the product may lose its shape during transportation. Please note that the box may be damaged due to long-distance air transport.
・If the customer is absent, the delivery company will notify you of your absence. Please request redelivery yourself from the notification of absence. Products that have passed the storage period will be disposed of at a charge at the distribution center, so we cannot accept any kind of response such as re-shipment or refund under any circumstances. If you contact us before disposing of the item, you can resend it by paying the return shipping fee + re-shipping fee + handling fee (depending on weight and distance). We are not responsible for any products that are left unattended by the customer and disposed of.
・Please be assured that your personal information will not be used for any purpose other than shipping.
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[Flow from receiving your order to delivery]
Our order (purchase)
Overseas shipping
↓Customs clearance
Domestic shipping
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▼About shipping charges

Shipping fee nationwide: 700 yen
There is no additional charge for Hokkaido, Okinawa, or remote islands!
Free shipping for orders over 12,000 yen
Using Yamato Transport and Sagawa Express

▼About payment methods

・Credit card (VISA/MASTER/American Express/JCB)

・Amazon Pay

・Google Pay


・Apple Pay    


▼About product cancellation, exchange, and return

We do not accept any cancellation after ordering. After the customer places an order, the order to the overseas manufacturer will be completed immediately. Since import customs clearance fees and purchase fees are incurred at the time of purchase, we cannot accept any cancellations even before the product has been shipped. When our shop receives the order information from the customer, we accept the terms of use of our shop and the sales contract is established between the customer and our shop.

- Due to the above reasons, we cannot accept color/size exchanges or product exchanges after placing your order.
・We do not accept returns due to customer circumstances. Only in the case of initial defects, misdelivery, etc. due to our company , we will exchange it within 3 days of arrival. We will only refund if the item is out of stock. In any case, we will not be able to respond to the declaration after the 4th day, so please check the product condition as soon as possible after the product arrives. Please check our refund/return policy for details.

▼About inquiries

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▼Frequently asked questions

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